Renal and Pancreatic Markers

  • Creatinine Assay

    Creatinine Assay

    Diazyme's Creatinine Liquid Reagents Assay offers significant advantages compared to the conventional Jaffe method for Creatinine which is caustic (picric acid)  and can stain analyzer tubing and cuvettes. Diazyme's enzymatic method is...

    $65.00 - $284.00
  • Cystatin C Assay

    Cystatin C Assay

    Diazyme's Cystatin C Assay is a convenient cost effective dual liquid stable latex enhanced immunoturbidimetric method. This critically important emerging marker aids in the early detection and diagnosis of renal disease. The assay is highly sensitiv…

    $130.00 - $718.00
  • Lipase Assay

    Lipase Assay

    Diazyme's Lipase Assay provides an extended linear range up to 250 U/L with virtually no interferences from triglyceride 300 mg/dL, hemoglobin 150 mg/dL, and bilirubin up to 20 mg/dL. Diazyme's Lipase Assay has excellent inter-assay and intra-assay..…

    $130.00 - $395.00