Electrolyte Markers

  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Assay

    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Assay

    Diazyme's CO2 Enzymatic Assay is a single vial liquid stable reagent system which has a neutral pH, minimizing the effect of CO2 absorption from the air. In addition to a highly stable NADH analog as a co-factor the reagent maintains integrity by...…

    $47.00 - $145.00
  • Lithium Assay

    Lithium Assay

    Diazyme's Lithium Assay provides a convenient, stable, non-caustic low cost alternative to expensive ISE and highly caustic alkaline Lithium methods. Diazyme's Lithium Assay demonstrates an excellent correlation with ISE methods and offers excellent.…

    $130.00 - $538.00
  • Potassium Assay

    Potassium Assay

    Diazyme's Potassium Assay has an outstanding linearity range from 2.0 mmol/L – 8.0 mmol/L. Diazyme's Potassium Assay offers excellent precision CV% of  <2%. A comparison study showed that the assay has good correlation with existing ISE…

    $130.00 - $219.00
  • Sodium Assay

    Sodium Assay

    Diazyme's Sodium Assay has good correlation with the ISE method and has a linear method between sodium concentrations of 80 and 180 mmole/L (184 and 414  mg/dL). The assay has CV's% of <2% with a correlation coefficient of 0.98, slope of 1.05…

    $130.00 - $190.00