Diabetic Markers

  • 1,5-Anhydroglucitol (1,5-AG) Assay

    1,5-Anhydroglucitol (1,5-AG) Assay

    1,5-AG reflects hyperglycemia above the renal threshold over the preceding 1-2 weeks which is complimentary to HbA1c and Glycated Serum Protein determinations. The test provides a useful, unique perspective of patient's recent hyperglycemic excursion…

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  • Adiponectin Assay

    Adiponectin Assay

    Diazyme's Adiponectin Assay is utilized for the determination of total Adiponectin concentration in serum. The assay has a linear range from 1.12 - 40 mg/L and has a Within-Run and Between-Run precision CV of ≤ 4.9%. Studies have shown that...

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  • Direct Enzymatic HbA1C Assay

    Direct Enzymatic HbA1c Assay

    Diazyme's IFCC certified Direct Enzymatic HbA1c Assay has no interference from hemoglobin variants including HbC, HbS, HbE, and caramylated acetylated Hb or labile HbA1c. This unique freedom from interference combined with unparalleled precision (int…

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  • Direct HbA1c (On-Board Lysis)

    Direct HbA1c (On-Board Lysis)

    Diazyme's Direct HbA1c (Enzymatic, On-Board Lysis) is a unique single channel assay ideal for labs requiring a high throughput HbA1c method with no off-line pretreatment steps. High throughput is obtained using a patented single channel method which.…

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  • Glycated Serum Protein

    Glycated Serum Protein

    Diazyme's enzymatic assay for glycated serum protein provides improved specificity and reliability compared to conventional NBT-based methods. The assay is highly precise with a total CV ≤ 1.3%. The assay offers extensive linearity up to 1354...

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